Will CBD in health stores help my anxiety?
Will CBD in health stores help my anxiety?

Will CBD in health stores help my anxiety? One in thirteen people worldwide live with some form of anxiety according to the world health organisation (WHO) . If you suffer with anxiety finding a safe , reliable method to manage symptoms is critical to wellbeing .

Enter CBD or cannabidiol , CBD has recently entered the arena as an alternative and complementary therapy for anxiety. Clinical research is providing evidence that CBD does have therapeutic value. However CBD has a bidirectional effect which means it can have opposing responses at different doses . Once again knowledge is key , understanding the pros and cons of the various ingestion methods is important . Health store staff may not be armed with information to help with this , so research which method suits you best. Tinctures and oils are taken with a dropper , and you take the oil subingually (under the tongue) which allows the oil to rapidly enter the blood stream.

   Vaping is another option , however vaping is currently under close scruitiny due to lung conditions VAPI and EVALI mainly due to tainted cartridges . Be caareful when considering any vape product that comes from unregulated sources ( read our guide to buying CBD online) 

    CBD can be currently found in a wide number of edibles . However while they are tasy they aren’t particulary fast at making it into your circulatory system . Currently it is illeagal to use CBD isolate in edible products so make sure you check the ingredients and ensure isolate is not being used . 

Will CBD in health stores help my anxiety?

     Dosages bring another set of problems, most clinicians will readily admit that there is no universally recommended dosage for CBD . Currently there are no large clinical trials to inform dosage guidelines . If your interested in experimenting with CBD to help with anxiety aim for an informed and cautious approach . Take into consideration factors such as your weight, metabolism and the concentration of CBD as well as the severity of your symptoms , for information on labelling and concentration check out our ……………….. blog. If possible use a dosage calculator to provide a recommended dosage in milligrams.

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      Everybody reacts differently to CBD due to our unique body chemistry. If you find that you metabolise medicine quickly then you may wish to up the dose. 

       Also it is important to remember that cannabis is bidirectional and overstimulation of the endocannabinoid system may exacerbate symptoms . It is advisable to start on the lowest dose possible and increase gradually , taking note of any changes . Everybody’s optimal dosage and tolerance is unique . If you have any questions or would like further information please give us a call.

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