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Where to buy CBD Oil in the UK?

Where to buy CBD oil in the UK?

Where to buy CBD oil in the UK? – We take a look at the top stores, sellers and locations for CBD within the UK.

It’s important to know when buying CBD that you’re buying from a trusted source; and not a sneaky snake oil sales site. Places such as Amazon, Ebay, Gumtree or even Facebook do not allow the selling of CBD products on their sites, so if you’ve bought from there – chances are you might have ended up with a lot less CBD than you bargained for.

Canna CBD are one of the leading producers of CBD in the UK, shipping products direct from farms across the EU, Asia and US to their central distribution hub in Essex, UK where it’s turned into shelf ready products, CBD wholesale items or CBD white label products.
Starting in 2016, the business has now grown to directly employ 5 people at its central hub in Essex, and contributes to a much wider market and industry.

Along with Canna CBD there are lots of trusted suppliers for CBD products within the industry; such as those represented by CannaPro or the CTA, there are even smaller businesses that have banded together to showcase quality and compliance such as the members of The Hemp Cooperative.

Based in Carlisle, Lakeland CBD has grown to be one of the largest suppliers in the north – working closely with representatives from the pharmaceutical industry to showcase a wide assortment of products; as well as an expert focus on consultations and broader discussions about health and wellness.

Further down the UK, we have BBB CBD, based in Preston – developed from a sports and fitness background, BBB CBD puts customer satisfaction, education, fitness and support to the forefront of its business. Making sure that all CBD customers are fully supported on their journey towards a better future.

Canopy CBD based in Middlesex has launched into the marketplace, focusing on improving health, wellness and fitness for all its clients – providing amazing after sales services, and support for people first trying CBD products, definitely one of the top companies to purchase from in the UK.

Overall, we believe these are the best of place to buy CBD oil.

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