What to do in Braintree

Braintree, Essex Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Braintree,_Essex[/caption]



The district of Braintree offers colourful and lively towns and picturesque villages in the most beautiful hilly landscape. Do not miss the museums and cultural centres that give you a picture of a region full of history, from the Bronze Age to the Roman colonies, through the industrial success of wool trading, silk, lace and weaving.

Walk around the country through idyllic villages and beautiful countryside, stop for a hearty lunch in a traditional pub and taste local beers or, for the more active ones, follow one of the many trails if you like hiking, walking or riding a bike.

Admire the historic homes and gardens, such as the properties of the National Trust of Paycockes and Grange Barn, or the landscaped boardwalks of Marks Hall Gardens and Arboretum, with their changing colours that reflect the seasons!

Things to do in Braintree

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Braintree Village

The Braintree Village shopping centre is located in a relaxing village setting and offers a way out of the stressful shopping stress of the city. You’ll find everything you need, from great restaurants to great deals and events in more than 85 stores!

Braintree District Museum

The museum is located in the old school of Manor Street. The galleries tell the history from prehistoric times to today’s district, focusing on its industrial and cultural achievements and personalities.

Warner Textile Archive

Textile Warner Archive Chronicle of the rich history of great British industry from its eighteenth-century roots to the international success of Warner & Sons in the twentieth century. In a part of the original mill, visitors can discover a selection of over 100 textiles and patterns.

Hedingham Castle

A 900 years old Norman Keep in 160 acres of landscaped gardens and forests. Four floors, including the banquet hall with the Minstrels Gallery, the most beautiful Norman interior in England.

Cress temple

Cressing Temple is a fascinating medieval farm surrounded by moats with the oldest half-timbered barn in the world. The place has its origins in the 12th century when it was founded by the Knights Templar.

Colne Valley Railway

The Colne Valley Railway near Castle Hedingham offers a train ride on a loop several miles long. There is also a garden railroad, a minibus, a museum and on special occasions, you can even meet Thomas and Peppa Pig.

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