What is CBDV?
What is CBDV?

What is CBDV?

      Cannabidivarin or CBDV is one of hundreds of molecules derived from cannabis . These molecules are commonly known as cannabinoids and are responsible for the therapeutic benefits cannabis has to offer . 

    CBDV is similar to CBD in molecular structure and like CBD it is not intoxicating when isolated . Research demonstrates that CBDV is found mainly in C.indica landrace strains which are sourced from both Asia and Africa . Strains that are high in CBD also tend to have high levels of CBDV. 

     CBDV has been researched around its effect on seizures , GW Pharmaceuticals is actively developing a CBDV based drug known as GPW42006 to reduce or prevent epileptic and other types of seizures. Their research has shown that CBDV affects the neurochemical pathway of the capsaicin receptors which are involved in the onset and progression of several types of epilepsy. Current reports show that CBDV has shown anti-epileptic properties at many levels both in vitro and in vivo.

   According to a 2018 study CBDV shows great promise in helping neurobehavioural issues associated with Rett Syndrome . Rett Syndrome is caused by an X chromosome mutation that affects girls with seizures , speech issues and muscle spasticity. CBDV however appears to help with both the genetically determined and chemically induced forms of this and similar diseases .

In a study published this year in the journal of Psychopharmacology CBDV was found to rescue memory defects in mice that have the same genetic defect as people with Rett Syndrome . CBDV was also shown to help with neurological defects , but the effects were transient. During a similar study published in the British Journal of Pharmacology , CBDV was found to have a benefit to patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) This disease is characterised by chronic inflammation and irreversible skeletal muscle damage and degeneration. CBDV was also able to improve locomotion showcasing CBDV’s potential as a therapy for DMD. 

      Both childhood intractable epilepsy and Autism spectrum disorder often go hand in hand . CBDV is being tested as a potential treatment for some of the more significant ASD issues such as stimming , cognitive challenges and social functioning issues.

What is CBDV?

      CBDV has also proven to be a powerful anti-nausea agent with initial research showing that CBDV acts as an agonist to the CB1 receptors , blocking the nausea response . 

      Although CBDV was discovered 50 years ago the research into it’s possible benefits are only in their infancy , with CBDV clinical trials being undertaken we are only just beginning to unlock the potential of another powerful cannabinoid . 

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