bottles of CBD and cannabis leaves. What is CBD Tolerance?

It is no secret to anyone that the regular consumption of Cannabis, beyond all the effects it may have on your body, generates a resistance in our system that allows us to tolerate greater quantities and feel less psychoactive effects, which are produced by Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This happens as a measure of adaptation, since the person’s organism becomes accustomed to the presence of certain compounds and develops as a consequence of acceleration in the metabolism of Cannabis (often due to the increase in activity of the liver enzymes involved) in said metabolism and because it decreases cellular receptors.

Cannabidiol, like THC, is one of the best known and studied compounds of Cannabis but does its habitual consumption generates tolerance in our body as well? It is a very common question and here you will know what happens with the constant presence of CBD in our system.

Does CBD produce tolerance?

To know the answer about CBD tolerance, it is first necessary to analyze how Cannabidiol works within our endocannabinoid system. CBD manifests with the cannabinoid receptor type 1 (CB1) differently than others, since it’s an antagonist. Through an activity called negative allosteric modulation, CBD reduces affinity with CB1 receptors, making them less sensitive to other cannabinoids. As such, the effects of CBD work in the opposite direction of THC; instead of over-activating the endocannabinoid system, it gives you a break. In fact, many problems with the endocannabinoid system may be due to its excess activity, which causes problems such as anxiety and impulsive eating.

CBD also increases the body’s natural endocannabinoids, as it competes with them for the binding proteins that break them down. Basically, it can be said that CBD is some kind of inhibitor of the reuptake of the endocannabinoids.

The studies carried out until now seem to indicate that the CBD does not produce tolerance in our system, on the contrary, it generates effects of inverse tolerance, which means that consuming CBD in regular bases will cause you to have to consume fewer cannabinoids to look for the desired results

This is a characteristic feature of Cannabidiol. In general, its consumption is always effective in low but constant doses, in addition to reducing the chances of suffering certain side effects; it has been shown that the effects of a small dosage are not very different from that of a large one. It is expected that consuming oils or other products rich in CBD help control the dependence that you may have with other compounds, as in the case of THC (which can lead to anxiety and dissatisfaction with time).

The presence of tolerance is one of the first signs that addiction can start, as the body begins to ask for more of the substance that is being consumed in order to manifest its effects like before.

Is there such a thing as CBD tolerance and is it possible that CBD loses its therapeutic efficacy over time?

Some consumers of CBD may come to feel that sleep disorders or certain ailments return but how can this problem be avoided if it is assumed that it does not produce tolerance?

One of the possible causes could be the efficacy of CBD at the cellular level, but it could also be related to metabolism in general. If you have the feeling that the CBD is becoming less effective, consuming cannabidiol in different ways is always a good option. This happens because for this small group of people, ingesting it in the same way always develops some kind of resistance and changing the way of consumption always ends up being assimilated in a different way by our organism.

Different forms of CBD consumption

  • CBD lotions are a very interesting option for those who suffer from muscle aches, inflammations or irritated areas in the dermis. In addition to offering hydration, they guarantee a quick relief from irritation. It is applied directly on the skin.
  • CBD oil is used to treat general ailments, such as sleep disorders, anxiety, muscle aches and weight loss.
  • Consuming CBD with gel capsules is a very popular option for its similarity to the traditional format of medications in pills.
  • CBD vaping, which besides being quite comfortable for consumers, comes in great for those struggling with tobacco addiction.

The “reverse CBD tolerance” hypothesis certainly needs a little more research to get more ways to take advantage of this quality; however, consumers can rest assured that the therapeutic benefits will not be overshadowed. This is very important, especially given the wide range of medicinal effects of CBD. Many of the problems that can be addressed are being treated with quite aggressive pharmaceutical products that also generate tolerance. Keep your consumption of CBD with the recommended doses and take advantage of its potential to mitigate the typical tolerance that comes with rich THC products you might enjoy. For any strange symptoms, stay in touch with your doctor.

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