A couple of foods made with CBD products

Canna CBD oil is naturally different to other CBD oils on the market, It’s what sets us apart from the rest. Our extraction methods, are different meaning that not only do you get a CBD rich oil, but also one that’s manufactured using techniques that date back centuries. We mix our extract with a supercritical extracted oil, creating what we call a “hybrid”. An oil that has the benefits of both worlds, giving it a thick, rich and powerful CBD taste that is then further flavoured with organic honey.

Creating one of the most delicious and potent oils on the market that contains all the benefits of a full spectrum extract of cannabis sativa, High CBD content, CBG and CBDa as well as the medicinal effects of organic honey.

To describe the taste is somewhat difficult. For some people, it tastes like treacle, for others toffee apples. But to us, it tastes like the perfect blend of CBD oils when compared to CO2 extracts. We recommend you pick up a bottle of Canna CBD for yourself and try it.

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