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Want to start your own or expand your CBD Brand?

Have you always wanted to start your own CBD brand? Or maybe just expand your existing range… perhaps you like the look of our products and want to sell them under your own name. Well, now you can. Canna CBD is leading the way in white labelled CBD goods for the UK and EU markets; utilising our skills you can continue to develop your own brand exactly how you envisioned.

About Team Canna CBD

Canna CBD has a wide array of talent within its business, ranging from a background in leisure & tourism, fitness as well as expertise in FMCG. With bases in Denmark, Bangkok and Florida, Team Canna has a wide reaching market with global distribution points accessible for your brand, with a dedicated production facility in Essex UK, you can rest assured that you are working with an experienced team.

Our sales network includes over 100 affiliates globally, acting to push your brand, sales and market share to help continue to develop our partnerships into recognised industry leaders. With a wealth of experience and market contacts, we pride ourselves on being the one stop shop for startups, new businesses and established companies looking to give themselves an edge in a booming industry that is becoming saturated with new competition. Since 2017, we have become one of the leading businesses within the CTA UK, and have taken on a host of new clients looking to produce their own brands of CBD products, without the hassle of running such a competitive business. We are a one-stop shop for your CBD.

Your First Choice In White Label CBD

We at Canna CBD understand that branding is the single most important aspect of a fast moving consumer good. Which is why we go to extreme lengths to manage your brand from conception all the way through to delivery, our production techniques are second to none and our management team have extensive knowledge of not just the CBD industry, but bringing products to market, meaning that we can be your one stop shop for your CBD brand.

Unlike other white label services available, we work closely with every client, building a bespoke service that guarantees client and customer satisfaction. Our team are available 7 days a week to manage and coordinate work with your brand. Because we know, for retailers work doesn’t stop at 6 pm. We are willing to push the boundaries of the CBD industry, to make sure your brand is successful.

Quit Slacking – Let us Get Cracking!

Because it’s not just your name on the line; it’s ours. For all white label, enquiries contact Gregory Land
at Greg@cannacbd.com

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