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Brightlingsea is a former coastal town at the mouth of the Colne River. It is an important yacht centre with harbour and lively promenade. The city has a history of shipbuilding and shipping. There are disused oyster pits near Town Hard, where the Colne Smack Preservation Society is located. In 1347, five ships and 51 men were sent to the headquarters of Calais.

The waters around Brightlingsea, the sandy beaches and the colourful beach huts offer many options for a family outing. A series of beautiful walks along the dykes offer hikers and birdwatchers the opportunity to enjoy the diversity of flora and fauna that can be found around this beautiful stretch of the sunny Essex Sunshine Coast.

Brightlingsea Lido

Brightlingsea Lido is a public outdoor pool now run by a charity for the benefit of the local community and visitors. The opening hours may change due to operational requirements. Please check their Facebook page regularly.

Brightlingsea Beach

Brightlingsea is known for its colourful beach huts. On the other side of the water, you can see the island of Mersea. It has a small semi-circular beach where the Colne River flows into the sea, ideal for a nice afternoon with whoever you want.

Brightlingsea Harbour

Brightlingsea Harbour is a small mixed leisure and commercial port with a rich heritage. It is located in Brightlingsea Creek near the mouth of the Colne estuary at the junction of the Blackwater and Thames estuaries. The harbour is located in a natural reserve of international importance. The Colne River is navigable on the high tide for 7 miles to Colchester, Essex and the Blackwater River, 11 miles to Maldon.

Royal British Legion – Brightlingsea

The Legion is one of the largest members organization in the UK, welcoming men and women of all ages, whether serving with the armed forces or not. There are more than 2,000 branches, including branches abroad that offer group and social activities.

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