Things to do in Holland on Sea

beach at Holland on Sea

Holland-on-Sea, four kilometres from Clacton, is a much less developed part of the coast and a quieter place to escape the crowd. It is a good place for long walks along the coast, where you can spot a variety of migratory birds. The terrain consists mainly of coarse and granular sand.

Two beach walks. Bicycles are allowed only on the upper promenade. There are benches and some beach huts.

The maritime defences on this stretch of coast have undergone significant development in recent years. Recently built artificial rock ledges line the beach.

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Places to visit when in Holland on Sea

Great Holland Pits

Great Holland Pits is a 16.2-acre nature reserve east of Great Holland, Essex. It is managed by the Essex Wildlife Trust

This area of ​​old gravel pits includes meadows, ancient forests, ponds and humid valleys. There are waterfowl such as kingfishers, coots and grebes and flowering plants such as moschatels and marigold thistles.

You can get here from a path from Little Clacton Road.

Hamford water

Hamford Water is a biosphere site of special scientific interest near Holland on sea, located on an area of ​​2,185.8 hectares between Walton-on-the-Naze and Harwich, Essex. The site is a tidal pool that includes meadows, bays and mudflats, salt marshes, islands and beaches.

Natural England describes this plant as

“of international importance for the breeding of dwarf and grey geese, wild birds and black-legged waders and as a species of national importance to many other bird species”.

Montys Equestrian Centre

The Monty Equestrian Center trains British and European students at an accredited national level. BHS instructors with 80 horse qualifications including Dressage, Show, CSO, Flat Work, Western, Bareback and Stunts, Driving and Traffic Safety

Pitch & Putt and Happy Valley tennis courts

Happy Valley is the perfect place to spend an active day near Holland on Sea, entertaining kids during the holidays, or organizing private events such as birthdays or professional events. Bring your own rackets or use their rackets and balls, all of which are included in the price.

In addition to Green Pitch and Putt Happy Valley also offers four high-quality lawn tennis courts for rent.


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