Things to do in Harwich

Ideas for things to do in Harwich for a nice family day out

Historic building in Harwich

Harwich, a town in Essex, Eastern England was built in the 13th Century by the Earl of Norfolk. It has a port whose harbour is the largest between the Humber and the Thames. It was created by a storm in the 12th Century. You can easily identify this historic town by following the Maritime Heritage Trail. There’s a special gem, the Tradewheel Crane that was built in 1667 with a Roman design.

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You can do so many things in Harwich town. It has restaurants and shopping areas that will keep you busy and active as you carry on your day. They also have historic sites and museums that you can tour. Here are some of the things to do in Harwich in the district of Essex.

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1. Theatre

There’s the well-known and only theatre of Harwich. Electric Palace Cinema, Harwich is a very old cinema and it’s one of the old ones that has survived fully with the silent screen, initial projection room and frontage still intact. Enjoy watching movies in this theatre that serves as a historic site too.

2. Museums and historic sites

Touring the historic sites and museums in Harwich is one interesting activity you do not want to miss out on.

  • Harwich Redoubt –it’s a fort that was built to defend the port of Harwich. It was built in 1808. Nowadays it’s opened as a museum with exhibitions such as replica firearms in large quantities. Battle re-enactments and other events are held here during the months of summer. You can only tour on Sundays.
  • Harwich Maritime Museum –it is located at the former lighthouse that was built in 1818. It has paintings, photographs, bottles and ships. They also have displays of the navy such as uniforms and badges. You can clearly see the shipping process from the top floor.
  • Harwich Lifeboat Museum –here the old Clacton lifeboat is placed. It also has a collection of artefacts. It’s open during public holidays to the public.
  • The Guildhall –this is the only Grade I building in the town. Its design is as old as 1769. There are guided tours to this place with prior arrangement.
  • Beacon Hill Fort –this place guarded Britain through two world wars. It acted as the front line defence against invasion. It is a historic landmark that is made into a trust. It will be offered for the use of the community.

3. Shopping

You can shop in Harwich, at these places.

  • B&M Home Store with Garden Centre
  • East of England Co-op Foodstore
  • Morgans Pets
  • Peacocks
  • Buds the flower shop
  • Harwich iPhone
  • Accent Stationers Ltd

These are some of the shopping places in Harwich, Essex. There are many more with various products.

4. Restaurants

You can have your meals in restaurants once in a while and enjoy a good evening. Some of the restaurants offering delicious meals in Harwich include:

  • Thai up at the Quay
  • The crown post
  • Waterfront at Dovercourt
  • The Fish House
  • The Pier at Harwich

Harwich is a town that has a couple of activities you can engage to avoid boredom if you reside in it. It also has good facilities and amenities if you wish to tour the town for a few days. While there, don’t forget to visit us in Wrabness and pick yourself up some CBD.


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