Things to do in Coggeshall

What to visit in Coggeshall

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Strange and obscure events in the past have been traced back to border crossings through the city. These powerful energy waves, linked to Earth’s magnetic field, have attracted Ghostbusters’ research from across the country. The locals believe that those stories are myths, but they definitely stimulate the imagination.

Like many cities in the region, Coggeshall ran wool and fabric businesses, followed by silk and velvet weaving, lace making and brewery. In 1900, the decline of these industries with the rejection of the railroad left a city relatively undisturbed.

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House and garden of Paycocke

Cross Paycock’s Threshold to travel back in time and meet the people of Tudor Coggeshall. Discover the smells, tastes and life of the 16th century by revisiting the past on some weekends this summer!

Coggeshall Grange Barn

Grange Barn is one of the oldest half-timbered houses in Europe. This pleasant circuit through the country with the National Trust takes you along the Blackwater River Trail on Essex Way Road towards Paycocke’s House.

Coggeshall Clock House and Clock Tower

Located in the quaint village of Coggeshall, the Clock House is the perfect location for any occasion, whether you want to enjoy a casual lunch in the cosy cafe or wine and tapas in their picturesque garden. The 14th-century building now houses an impressive dining area with a beautiful garden, which you can enjoy in the summer days.

Coggeshall Museum

The Coggeshall Museum opened in 1990 in an outbuilding of St Peter’s Hall (now Village Hall) on Stoneham Street. The room itself was once one of Coggeshall’s breweries but has been the focus of much community activity in Coggeshall since the 1920s.


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