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CBD infused syrups in various flavours for the beverages in your life. Perfect for a little pick me up.

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Folks like Emily Williams, manager and lead barista of Patent Coffee in midtown Manhattan, are incorporating CBD into their menu. “We launched CBD on our cafe menu on 4/20 along with our spring seasonal drinks. We initially offered it in an Arnold Palmer and a cold brew,” she shares. “We did it to be kinda funny, and were planning to just serve them for the rest of the month and then let it drop off. But our customer base loved it!”
Its popularity is also matched with its profitability, being able to charge over £2 more per cup compared to regular beans. “It’s come down to about 10 percent of our sales comes from CBD,” Emily notes. Although CBD is popular, it can be dif- ficult to pair with coffee— Which is why Green Coffee Lab has worked extensively to match a great flavour coffee with the potent effects of CBD.

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Gingerbread, Vanilla, Citrus, Honey, Caramel

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