Botanycl is a cutting edge plant based health and wellness brand developed in London

Botanycl has three core values:

Carefully selected botanicals, tailored to address specific health concerns.

Many companies add synthetic vitamins to increase nutrient content. We only use wholefoods and botanicals naturally rich in nutrients. Absolutely no synthetic vitamins are present in our products.

Formulated based on scientific research and testimonials.

Founded by Caroline Sims –  Botanycl has grown to be one of the major health and wellness brands to watch in 2020.

This is her story:

After suffering with skin problems for many years and trying all sorts of harsh chemical products with no results, I started to research scientific studies and testimonials which led me to a few natural, plant-based ingredients.

I started supplementing my diet with these ingredients and was amazed at how clear my skin looked, and it’s still clear to this day. I finally had the confidence to leave the house without makeup and for the first time ever got compliments on my skin.

I decided to develop SkinClear Elixir, so that others can also experience the benefits of these evidence-based ingredients. SkinClear Elixir was developed in a state of the art UK manufacturing facility working to strict GMP standards.

I am truly passionate about the ingredients inside SkinClear Elixir, as they have given me my confidence and happiness back – I hope I can help you too.

Caroline Sims, Founder

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