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Is CBD really worth the money? Is it a magical cure all potion or simply snake oil?

Greg at looks into the growing UK CBD Oil trend and how it could either be a magical potion or just plain CBD Snake Oil. 

Some people believe that there are CBD Snake Oil’s in the current market place, and that CBD is a fix all solution to their health problems. This can negatively impact the CBD industry as a whole. It isn’t a fix all magic potion, and our bodies require constant care and attention to make sure that they’re running to the best of their ability.  I recently read a great post on reddit that simply stated: “House plants require clean air, good water and sunlight – we’re just smarter house plants”. And it is right, CBD isn’t going to fix years of neglect, but it will put you on the right path. 

We here at CannaCBD produce Wholesale CBD products as well as products direct to the consumer and we’ve seen a tremendous growth in the industry, which means there are lots of sellers out there who are selling lower quality goods. – I’ll be writing up a follow up post on this subject soon.

Due to these low quality goods being out there – snake oil often masquerades as CBD products, and that is where we need to make a clear definition on some of the products that are available on sites such as Amazon or Ebay.

Overall – CBD has many positive health benefits, such as its interactions with the Endocannabinoid system, sleep regulation, mood regulation and alleviating anxiety, depression and other illnesses.

However – this is only when you purchase high grade, CBD products from a reputable supplier.

How to spot CBD Snake Oil.

Hemp Oil vs CBD

If the product is significantly cheaper than any other product; it is most likely Hemp oil or Hemp Extract. Both of these are marketing terms for an extract from the hemp plant, but not necessarily CBD content.

Hemp extract is not CBD. It is an extract from the hemp plant.

Often you will see products such as:

3000mg Hemp Extract

This means that the product contains 3000mg of Hemp Extract. Not CBD.


CBD is expensive, currently the market prices for CBD (January 2020) are roughly £14.99 to £19.99 per 500mg tinctures.

Look for products that clearly say CBD – and you will get CBD.

Buy Direct.

It is important that you buy your CBD product direct from a producers website – such as our own store. Nearly all issues with the CBD market can be attributed to the platforms where the purchase was made.

The major retailer Boots has been condemned for selling products containing NO CBD by the BBC.

So far Amazon, Facebook, Ebay, Gumtree and most US based platforms do not allow the sale of CBD oils. Only Hemp extracts – which are likely to be sneaky snake oils. 

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