A view of Jersey UK regarding the hemp jersey news

More hemp jersey farming is going ahead in Jersey following a successful first trial season.

The Environment Department has been looking at diversifying the island’s crop pattern, due to the heavy reliance on potato and dairy farming.

Jersey’s Health Minister issued a licence for the substance to be cultivated last year.

Following the move, 2.5 vergees of hemp were grown in a secret location, which has now been revealed as Warwick Farm.

The hemp harvested was of good quality, while the crop also gave a seed and oil yield which was “beyond expectation”, according to the Environment Department.

Now farmers have started to plant around 260 vergees of hemp across the island.

Scott Meadows, who is the Acting Director for Rural Economy, says hemp can be valuable to the island due to its pharmaceutical benefits.

He also addressed concerns by highlighting the hemp plant being grown differs from the recreational cannabis plant. It has no THC, the chemical responsible for most psychological effects.

Farming hemp requires no pesticides or fungicides. The crop also produces a lot of pollen and nectar for wildlife.

Mr Meadows says the crop “ticks all the boxes”.

Read more here: http://www.itv.com/news/channel/2018-05-30/hemp-planting-could-bring-economic-and-environmental-benefits-to-jersey/

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