Things to do in Clacton-on-Sea

A Day out in Clacton-on-Sea while you Collect your CBD!

Scene of Clacton on Sea at the beach

Clacton on Sea is a large town in Essex, Eastern England. It is a seaside resort which tourists would visit in the summer. It is densely populated and entertainment is its greatest source of income. The first building on this resort was Clacton Pier which was opened in 1871. Its ownership changed to the Kingsman family and later the Clacton Pier Company. Clacton on Sea is a large town in Essex, Eastern England. It is a seaside resort which tourists would visit in the summer. It is densely populated and entertainment is its greatest source of income. The first building on this resort was Clacton Pier which was opened in 1871. Its ownership changed to the Kingsman family and later the Clacton Pier Company.

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It is a beautiful piece of land with various activities and amenities such as restaurants, theatres, sporting activities, and entertainment programmes, naming a few. They have a cricket club, rugby club and a football team that are very active.

Here are some of the things you can do in Clacton on Sea


Clacton on Sea has a shopping area with various chain stores. Some of the shops at Clacton on Sea include:

  • Clacton Factory Outlet –this outlet has a variety of stores that sell high-quality products. It is economical, helping you to save about 60% off the street prices.
  • St. Osyth Beach Sunday Market –there’s free parking and you can enjoy a walk before or after your shopping. It is also open on Wednesdays during summer holidays for schools.
  • Sparkles Party Balloons –anything you require for a party or event is available at this shop.

There are many other shopping areas in Clacton on Sea and you can get what you like.


There are a couple of theatres in Clacton on Sea in Essex. They are:

  • West Cliff Theatre –it’s an old theatre dating back to 1894.
  • Princes Theatre –it offers a variety of live entertainment such as music, comedy and shows, among others.
  • Century Cinema Clacton –this theatres shows only movies.
  • Clacton Musical Theatre Society –this theatre is unique for performing arts.

Eat outs

Clacton on Sea, along the English Coast, has many restaurants that you can have eat outs at. Some of the restaurants they have are:

  • Thai Vintage Restaurant – here you’ll find exquisite Thai dishes.
  • Franco’s – which is an Italian restaurant.
  • Geo’s Fishbar – it’s a nice restaurant for groups of people and kids.
  • Buffalo Restaurant – for casual setups with outdoor dining.
  • The Great Gurkha Restaurant – this is the place to be for late night food in Clacton on Sea.
  • Prezzo Italian Restaurant Clacton on Sea – it’s a casual Italian restaurant offering pasta and a kids’ menu.

These are but a few of the restaurants in Clacton on Sea, in Essex. They have many more and each with its uniqueness.

Beaches and parks

While along the English Coast, Clacton on Sea is a nice place to relax on its beaches and in the beautiful parks. They have the Jaywick Sands Beach, Clacton Beach, Martello Bay Beach and St. Osyth Beach. They also have several parks that include:

Clacton on Sea is a beautiful town to tour and reside in. The various activities you indulge in keep you entertained and leave no room for boredom.


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