Understanding how to measure cbd dosage

Struggle to understand the percentages (%) and milligram(mg) content of CBD products? 
Purchased a bottle from Holland & Barrett and want to compare CBD Dosage strengths?

Understanding CBD Dosage and various metrics it’s measured in

Today we have written up a brief guide on CBD dosage to help people understand percentages and milligram contents of
common products on the market; because we know it can be really quite confusing on how it works.


Commonly, percentages were used on products in the earlier stages of the industry. One particular
product that uses percentages currently is the Jacoby Hoy oil available in national UK retailer Holland & Barrett.
This product is a 10ml bottle; with 2.75% CBD content.

This translates to: 275milligram (mg) and here is how this is worked out:

10ml = 10,000mg
1ml = 1000mg 

2.75% of 10ml = 0.275ml

2.75% of 10,000mg = 275mg

A few companies; also advertise their oil in obscure ways such as this:
Green Edition CBD Oil – 2000mg > 14% CBD – 2.8% per 10ml (Sativa)

At first instance; you would be safe to assume that it contains 2000mg of CBD, when in
actual fact.  A 10ml bottle contains 2000mg (2ml) of a 14% extract. So only 14% of 2000mg
contains CBD. Creating a bottle that contains approximately 280mg of CBD.

Why Percentages can be confusing? – Because often people go for the larger number and discount
volume. If I gave you a 40% shot of vodka to drink, you’d feel fine afterwards; now if I gave you a litre of 40% vodka?
You would not feel very fine. Or maybe you would, that’s personal preference.
The difference is; one contains a vast amount of alcohol and one doesn’t, despite being the same percentage.

What makes Percentages useful? – used in the right circumstances; you can clearly compare the strengths of the
same size bottle. A 10ml at 3% vs a 10ml at 5% it’s easy to see the differences within brands. It is also, common
knowledge when compared to the Alcohol industry.


Milligrams are used throughout the medical and tobacco industry, often used to denote the active ingredient
content of lots of products. milligram has been adopted as the defacto industry standard. Normally;
each bottle contains the entire contents of CBD in milligram clearly on the front.

For instance our 300mg starter oil
this 300mg denotes the total content of CBD within the bottle.

Why Milligrams can be confusing?
When working with dropper bottles, it’s hard to calculate an even milligram dosage, due to 300mg, for instance,
being the “total” count of CBD within the bottle. To help combat this, Canna CBD has developed it’s accurate
ml to mg syringes; to enable clear, concise and accurate dosages.

What makes Milligrams useful? – Milligrams is clear, easy to understand and works across the industry.

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