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Undoubtedly Affiliate Marketing is the starting point for a large majority of online entrepreneurs, but if and only if one avoids being a victim of such deadly and innocent errors resulting from lack of experience and misinformation.

What are the most common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes?

  1. Filling your website with too many banners

One of the most common mistakes affiliates make at the beginning is that in order to sell the products they are promoting, they fill their website with different banners and ads with little or no content. The reality is that, if you create your site in this way, you will get very few sales.

The best thing you can do is to provide a good experience to the visitor and give them quality content that is useful not just trying to sell everything.

2. Not having a domain of your own

When jumping into the world of affiliate marketing, it is important to keep in mind that it is a business and it is necessary to protect it, make it grow and understand that every business needs an investment no matter how minimal. One of the most common mistakes made by novice affiliates is not having a domain of their own.

With your own URL, not only will you look more professional in what you do, but you will also be able to upload whatever you want on your site.

3. Not updating your sites regularly

In order for Google to consider you an authoritative site within the niche you choose and to rank your website with the keywords you selected, you should always keep your website up to date as much as possible. The more you update your site, the more visitors you will have.

4. Promoting a lot of products without knowing them.

If you really want to make money with affiliate marketing, you need to create a positive reputation as an affiliate and be around a niche that you are passionate about and/or have knowledge of the subject. If you start promoting products randomly and to several market niches, the only thing you will achieve is that people won’t consider you as a reliable person.

5. Participating in various affiliate platforms at the same time.

If you try to promote different affiliate programs at the same time, you will not be as effective in all of them as you will be if you are only in one affiliate program. And the consequences will be that you won’t get the income you were expecting.

6. Spending a lot of time in Technical Tasks.

Do not waste half of the day on things like the aesthetics of your website or making graphics. If this takes a long time, it would be better to hire designers and people who can take out these secondary tasks. Remember that affiliate marketing is ultimately a business like any other, so these technical tasks can be delegated at a reasonable price. You should use your time in strategic planning and generate useful content for your website. The only thing that will make you grow in affiliate marketing is to make and offer things of value to your audience and your customers.

Tips to get the most out of affiliate programs

It is good to know the common affiliate marketing mistakes. Now, here are a few practical tricks with which you can get better results on your websites. As you can see, they are simple tricks, but they will allow you to gain more visitors.

Reliable content

In the long term the best thing you can do is create reliable content. That means that, if a product is worth €500 and is worse than another one that is worth €300, you should recommend the €300 product, although your commission will be lower. Get reliability because you always recommend the best, it’s the most effective choice in the long term.

Images with a link

A very simple trick that is applied with relative ease is to make the images redirect to the website you want. In this way, when the user is viewing your content and is interested in one of the images, they will click on it, and they’ll be redirected to the page of the website of your choice.

Once there, of course, they can go backwards. But, in general, if you have already convinced them to go there, it is quite likely that they will end up making the purchase. Therefore, it is a pretty smart practice to take more advantage of the images.

Seductive content

This refers to those texts that end up hooking the reader and end up convincing them that the best thing to do is to make the purchase. You must make sure that, in the right places, there are texts that can seduce and convince the user to click on your affiliate link.


Finally, it is also important to use buttons and other CTAs (Call To Action). A common mistake is to place only hyperlinks throughout the text but sometimes, this is not the most effective option.

People do not always pay much attention to that type of link. It is good practice to use a relatively large and striking button with a text that says “Click here for more information”.

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