Affiliate links can be distributed on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. These networks can also be used to increase traffic on your own website, and that means that your audience will no longer depend solely on traffic coming from search engines.

Affiliate links and social networks

Affiliate links can be published on social networks. Nevertheless, it is important that you follow the guidelines of each platform and always respect the conditions of use of each of the networks because they are constantly changing. For example, for a long time, the Pinterest social network strictly prohibited its users from sharing affiliate links. But that rule changed and now it is possible to do it.

What is usually allowed in the Affiliate Programs?

It is allowed to distribute affiliate links including CannaCBD affiliate links as long as you make sure that the account of the social network from which it is made is operated by the affiliate that creates the links. Affiliates must update their Affiliate account information to include the exact URL of the social network where the links will appear. On Twitter, the account must be verified. This occurs when Twitter includes a blue approval mark next to the username.

Tips for Effective Social Media Promotion

It’s not a good idea to blast your affiliate link all over your social media accounts all the time. It looks spammy and it is. If you feel you must on the odd occasion then do so with an accompanying paragraph explaining a nice reason why you are posting a link. It is also a good idea to use a URL shortener like This will make your post look tidier with the added bonus of being able to track your click-thru statistics.

What you really need is your own blog with plenty of informative articles. This is the place to embed your affiliate links. This way, you can post articles that actually offer useful information to your social media audience. People will notice a post addressing an issue or offering useful and timely information in your niche. They are unaware that your agenda is to make sales. They will click-thru to your blog, read your article and while they are there, they may just click on a keyword or a banner ad that takes them to your affiliate link! This works much more effectively.

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