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Advice for getting High CBD strain oil

  We receive a lot of calls and texts from clients requesting high cbd strength oil, so here are a few pointers to consider when making a purchase . 

Recent investigations by media companies have uncovered that many oils available contain little to no cbd , meaning they have little to no effect. Many clients have stated that they have experienced this when making a purchase on the highstreet

Unfortunately the cbd industry is mainly self regulated with no specific trade body, meaning that there are some snake oil sellers out there. One of the biggest issues is poor labelling so some digging and maths is required ! Many brands display either the weight of CBD or the percentage on the label so for example :

    Contents of bottle – 15ml (volume) 

    Quantity of CBD – 270mg (weight milligrams) 

The entire contents of liquid is in 15ml but the cbd is in weight (milligrams) 15ml is actually 15000 milligrams , now 270 out of 15000 is only 0.018mg which is only 1.8% concentration . As a rule of thumb look for small volume and a decent percentage . For example 

    contents of bottle – 10ml

     CBD – 5%

  This ensures that there is a minimum of 5% cbd per bottle .

   Another question we get asked a lot is how much CBD is in each drop ? Again a small amount of maths is required so if we go back to our 15ml , 270mg oil ……….

  A drop is the equivalent to 0.05ml so 15ml is roughly 300 drops so we divide the amount of cbd (270mg) by the amount of drops (300) which gives us 0.9mg per drop.

   A reputable CBD company will always share information with clients and be transparent with lab reports etc. A decent company will answer any questions you may have , We pride ourselves on our customer care and always aim to be friendly and helpful, we offer a free consultation to potential clients offering them the opportunity to make an educated and informed choice on the products before purchase , So if you have any questions or would like a consultation give us a call.

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