About Canna CBD and the Cannabis Industry

Who are we?

Canna CBD is the largest producer of CBD products in Essex, UK. With global distribution points in Europe, Asia and the Americas, Canna CBD has propelled itself into the forefront of the UK Cannabis industry. Producing a wide array of must-have products from its production facility in Essex. Canna CBD prides itself on curating the finest collection of CBD products available on the market, and with a strong head for R&D Canna CBD seeks to continually develop new and exciting prospective applications for what has been heralded as natures miracle.

What makes us different?

Canna CBD is not just focussed on products, but also nurturing the CBD and Cannabis Industry as a whole. Becoming members of the British Hemp Association in 2017, Canna CBD has continued to help develop the cannabis industry. Canna CBD continues to build a network of professionals, affiliate agents and producers across the globe, making the industry a smaller and friendlier place, whilst nurturing and developing start-up businesses within the budding industry. Canna CBD has continued to grow into becoming one of the cornerstones of the cannabis industry, by tying together an array of talent and skill into one thriving business.

Image of hemp leaf and cbd products in a circle around the leaf

We are one of the Original Members of the British Hemp Association (BHA)

The purpose of the set up of the British Hemp Association is that we work closely with other people within the hemp industry such as farmers and other extraction labs. Our mission is nice and simple: Educate, Lobby and Connect – Creating a sustainable and environmentally responsible future. The BHA was officially launched in 2018, the British Hemp Association is a coalition of hemp-based companies representing every link of the product chain, from seed to shelf. We connect hemp farmers, processors, entrepreneurs and other hemp-based businesses to assist in this fast-growing sector to become a major and environmentally beneficial industry in the UK.

British Hemp Association LogoAbout the British Hemp Association

The British Hemp Association (BHA) began in June 2017 when a group of Hemp growers, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, industrialists and environmentalists gathered at a small hemp farm in Reading. Rebekah Shaman – Hemp enthusiast and protagonist and Nathaniel Loxley – a Hemp farmer, met at the European Industrial Hemp Association meeting. They felt that the UK needed an organisation that could bring all the voices of the domestic Hemp industry together to create an environmentally sustainable and thriving hemp industry. Their clarion call was what drew us all together for this first meeting of the BHA. In the year that followed, we saw many new members join, including companies that have been trading Hemp goods for decades, as well as young start-up brands wishing to see the industry flourish. Visit the BHA at www.britishhempassociation.co.uk Follow us on Instagram: @BritishHemp

The Canna CBD Team

Their Hands-On Leadership Keeps the Company Growing & Evolving

Canna CBD is led by a small team of go-getters supported by dozens of professionals.

Greg Land: Greg has demonstrated success working in the consumer goods industry. He is also known for his humanitarian leadership in Nonprofit Organisations and Fundraising. Greg is best described as a strong Business Development Professional. Connect with Greg on LinkedIn

Tim Acton: When all the attention of the world was focused on that historic moment that 12 children and their football coach were trapped in the cave in Thailand, Tim was one of the brave divers who was on the rescue team. A proud moment in his life. He continues to help people today with CannaCBD. Read Tim’s story here.

Flemming Bo Sørensen: Flemming has worked in the real estate sector in Thailand where he lives to this day. Aside from business and marketing, Flemming has inspected many factories around the world for quality – something that is a great asset for a CBD oil manufacturing company. Know more about Flemming here.