Jar with unknown cbd oil pills from a fake website

5 Traps to Know When Buying CBD Oil Online

Trap #1 – Watch Out for Low CBD Oil Prices

There are so many companies now selling CBD oil that it’s hard to know the good from the bad. Go online and search “buy CBD Oil Online” and you’ll get thousands of results. Naturally, we tend to go for the lowest prices when purchasing anything, but in this case, low priced unknown CBD oil will probably mean a low concentration, and you’ll most probably be throwing your money away. Prices of quality CBD oil will range around $50-$75 for 300mg.

Trap #2 – Don’t Buy CBD Oil That Cures Everything

If you think that there is one CBD Oil that will cure every medical condition, then think again. There is no such thing, and anyone that claims to sell the best CBD Oil on the market that heals everything is probably lying.
When buying CBD oil from a store, it’s important to read the fine print and what they claim their product does. Most reputable stores will have different products that have been created and fine-tuned to treat various conditions. Some will have CBD specific oils that can help a number of conditions, but no company has one miracle potion that does it all.
CBD oil must be lab tested and refined to find the perfect combination to treat different medical conditions.

Trap #3 – Look for the CTA logo

The first thing to look for when browsing an online CBD store is for the “CTA” or Cannabis Trade Association seal of approval. CBD oil does not contain THC, or it contains extremely low levels. Also, by law, it is illegal to shop psychoactive substances.

Trap #4 – The Extraction Method and Lab Testing of CBD Oil

The most important thing to take into consideration when buying CBD oil is to understand what you are getting. It’s important to make sure that the manufacturer of the CBD oil is a licensed pharmacist that understands what they are doing when formulating CBD products. It’s important to check that the Hemp used is organic and certified and that the extraction method delivers the best possible product.

When extracting CBD from the hemp plant it is best to use productive extraction processes such as CO2; a low temperature, high-pressure technique. This type of technology allows the manufacturer to capture CO2 in a liquid state and efficiently draw the CBD and terpenes from the plant.

Once the extraction is complete, it is important that the company uses a third-party lab to test raw compounds. This guarantees that you are getting an unbiased opinion of the CBD oil from a third party lab.

Trap #5 – Lack of Transparency on the Site You Want to Buy CBD Oil from

Before you go and buy CBD oil with any online provider it’s always best to check the fine print and the depth of the seller’s website. A reliable and trustworthy manufacturer will have no problems showing the exact ingredients of their products and also their lab tests. You don’t have to be a pharmacist to understand them, but the fact that they are willing to show you the results means that they stand behind the quality of their products.

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