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Canna CBD is the home of the best CBD products, CBD Oil products and CBD Paste in the UK supplying most of the world. With an uncompromising attitude towards quality, Canna CBD products are without equal. Canna CBD offers competitively priced CBD Oil products with next working day delivery to the UK. We also offer international shipping for the rest of the world.


All of our cannabidiol products are tested to the highest standards and are non-psychoactive.

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Purity Canna CBD spray

Introducing “Purity”

The Cleanest Full Spectrum CBD Oil Available

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Our CBD Products

A look at all the different CBD product categories at Canna CBD

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Superior Quality

Canna CBD oil products offer uncompromising quality, affordability and a great taste. Available in a range of sizes to suit your needs.

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CBD Syringes

Canna CBD Syringes are our new revolutionary platform to provide accuracy and consistency with CBD oil products, allowing you the ability to take control of your CBD intake.

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CBD Creams

Canna CBD produces one of the most sought-after CBD creams on the market, available to suit any requirement, our CBD Creams are a perfect companion to your hemp supplement regime.

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CBD Vapes

Canna CBD produces a wide assortment of CBD vape products allowing you to discretely consume CBD throughout the day, with a range of flavours with underlying natural tones our Vapes are an authentic solution to everyday CBD.

CBD soaps

CBD Soaps

Canna CBD produces a great solution to topical CBD treatment, using our organic and scented soaps. Providing a healthy alternative to harsh soaps for sensitive and dry skin.

CBD Capsules

CBD Capsules

Canna CBD produces an assortment of capsule-based CBD products, ranging from oils all the way through to multi-vitamins.

The Best Ingredients

Grown to Organic Standards

All Canna CBD products are produced in a clinically clean laboratory in the heart of Essex, UK. Produced from the finest European spec industrial Cannabis Sativa, sourced from a regulated farmer in Spain.

Our hemp is of the finest quality and imported directly to our production facility.

Each product is tested to the highest of standards and produced using our own unique and traditional technique. All additional flavourings are organic and sourced from local producers, thus helping our own local economy and sustainability. That is why we produce by far the best CBD products.

Low-Level THC

All of our products are certified as below the legal limits of THC content. Giving you the assurance that our products are not only legal but safe to consume in your day to day life.

You can check out all of our lab results here.

Non – intoxicating & UK Legal

We constantly monitor our products for irregularities and differences, meaning you can be assured that everything we produce is not only to the highest of standards but is UK legal and non-Intoxicating.

Canna CBD produce cannabis sativa derived Food Supplements. Maintain your health with our CBD products.

Benefits of CBD

CBD helps maintain the body’s natural health, by stimulating the endocannabinoid system CBD has shown to have multiple benefits. In the UK CBD is a food supplement, and can only be marketed and sold as such. However, we recommend all of our customers to speak to people who have taken it, independent online research, or contact their own health professional.

Experienced Team

Team Canna CBD is a diverse mix of talent, ranging from marketing and business management – helping you develop your own brands further under our white label program. All the way through to customer service, food production, biology and chemistry as well as engineering.

With over 100 affiliate agents globally, we know we can access local knowledge at every location, to source new packaging, products and developing business. Our team, has an eclectic background, meaning that we ourselves have every base covered, giving you a sense of security that the products are produced to the highest standards, in a safe environment.

Science Magic

We love Research and Development, we constantly have our ear to the ground for developments within the cannabis and CBD industry. We, therefore, know what products are feasible and what we can and can’t produce.

With our purpose built laboratory on the horizon, you will begin to see a lot of science and magic coming out of Canna CBD

Canna CBD News

Canna CBD strives to bring you the most up to date information, guides and stories on Cannabinoids from across the world. You can read more of our stories on our blog page.

7 Ways CBD Extraction is Carried Out

7 Ways CBD Extraction is Carried Out

CBD is fast becoming an accepted therapy for many ailments. In its various forms, cannabidiol is today at the forefront of the food supplement sector because of its advantages in the maintenance of our well-being. CBD is only one part of the cannabis plant, so we will explain how CBD extraction takes place.

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Are There Any Medical Claims For CBD?

Are There Any Medical Claims For CBD?

First and foremost we do not make any medical claims about the benefits of CBD. We are the manufacturer of Cannabis and aim to bring you various published articles and studies on CBD so you can make an informed choice when using our products. With that said we could not pass up the opportunity to share the vast amount of supporting medical claims that we’ve compiled. Check out some of the interesting facts and/or experiences below in relation to Cannabinoids and medical claims.

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